Myths related to study MBBS in abroad

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Myth is a term that entails disregard, abysmal awareness, fear or unawareness. In a fast-paced world, where people are reaching heights, we, Indians still cling to our comfort zone and doesn’t usually want to take a bold step of moving to some unknown place. A lot of people think twice before taking this step, but once taken it could prove to be one of the most enchanting experiences of your life, all you need to do is push your boundaries and take a decision.

Now when we talk about MBBS for Medical Course in INDIA, India is Always preferred by Students because that is the prime concern for every parent that there child should qualify MBBS seat in INDIA , But they are very well aware of the actual scenario as well , the number of applications submitted each year on year is increasing in huge number , which is somewhere creating a great Competition in INDIA , now India have approx figure seats of all included medical seats i.e. 62000 , and the applicants are 10–12 lakh so this is where we need to see the actual Gap .

If studying Abroad is on your mind but your mind is clouded with the myths, we help you to bust them.

Myth 1: MBBS studies are too exorbitant to bear:

The expenses will vary depending on various factors such as the university, duration of course, location and so on. However, if you finance well with complete planning, your dream of studying abroad will not seem like a burden at all. Act cautiously and skip out on superfluous expenses by being practical and minimalistic. Moreover, you can become involved in on-campus jobs, research assistance, teaching assistance, and other options to add bells-and-whistles to your income. There are various scholarships and education loan offers that come to rescue when the cost of studying abroad worries you. 

Myth 2: It’s all about having fun:

This is exactly what most of the parents worry about. So, if you are one of them to think that studying abroad is another way of having fun for students, and then it’s time to change your perception. Studying abroad requires a lot of efforts and hard work, you get a lot of projects, assignments to complete on weekends, also regular attendance is an important tool while studying abroad. No doubt, you get to engage in other activities to refresh yourself, but it is all a part of it. You will have to keep putting in efforts to complete your course and gain credits in the university.

Myth 3: It’s not creditable by MCI to study MBBS abroad:

MBBS abroad is as creditable by MCI as that of the MBBS in India. The MCI maintains the list of the international institutes accredited by it. Its recommended for the students/parents to go through the list of medical institutes accredited by the MCI before taking your final call. The students having pursued MBBS abroad will receive optimum dignity apart from the preferences by the hospitals.

Myth 4: Prejudice and Discrimination are a part of the survival:

People in abroad are not as complex to deal with as they seems to be. Ukraine and Georgia welcome Indian Students heartwarmingly, and no discrimination is made against Indian Students. The University and professors are also careful about any such incident and ensure that no student has to go through such terrifying experience. In case something like this comes up, it is addressed with full responsibility and sincerity.

Myth 5: Teachers and Peers are not supportive:

If you think that professors in the class are not as supportive of international students, then you are wrong. In fact, students from foreign countries grab more attention by teachers. They offer a complete support and can be reached out at any point in time. They help you clear all your doubts and help you introduce all the new rules of the university. Not only teachers, peers and your classmates are supportive too. They help you with all sorts of class notes as well as help you visit the city and explore new places, culture, and languages.

Myth 6: The safety concerns are likely to unease the MBBS Students:

The campuses all over the world take sincere efforts to build up and maintain seamless academic functionality. All the institutes have already consolidated the medical department in their campus/hostel to ensure aesthetic healthcare throughout the tenure of the course.

Myth 7: Food abroad may emerge as a major hurdle:

Most of the institutes/universities have readied their campuses to conveniently accommodate the changeable requirements of the international students. It apparently should not be a hurdle to get one’s favorite food abroad.

Myth 8: Language is a barrier abroad:

Most of the International Universities have the English language as the medium of instruction. But before applying, keep a check on the language pre-requisites or criteria followed by your University. Before hitting the ground running, you can listen to various audios that will help you in understanding the foreign accents, their tongue as well as speech modulation. Take this as an additional chance to learn a new language or different English in a foreign country. To acquire a language in a natural context, it is the most effective and efficient way of learning a new language. In addition, you will accomplish almost native fluency in English that would enrich your communication skills.

 Quick Facts:

  • Medical Education in abroad has been becoming popular among students in India. Every year, thousands of Indian students apply in many countries like Ukraine, China, Russia, Philippines, Georgia and Bangladesh etc to pursue MBBS in abroad.
  • Most of these countries offer high quality medical education at a very affordable rate.
  • The Indian students, who complete their MBBS from a medical university which is recognized by MCI, can easily come back and work in India. It depends eventually upon ones’ individual effort and dedication as whether or not he/she clears the MCI exam.
  • The students are not required to pay any donation or capitation fees to get admission in MBBS in abroad
  • The reputable medical colleges all over the world are highly disciplinary. Many reputable institutes are accredited by UNESCO & WHO too. It’s highly advisable for the students/parents to overlook all the myths, rumors, grapevine about studying MBBS abroad.

Don’t let misconceptions make you take a backseat and hamper your dreams. 


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