Alternatives you should know about, If you don't get a good score in CAT

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While the Common Admission Test (CAT) is scheduled on 24th November 2019, a lot of candidates who will appear in the exam might not be feeling very good about their attempt and would have already started exploring additional options. In the light of a lot of the examinees citing that the CAT have been a tough one to attempt and do, instead of crying over spilt milk, the candidates can think of options that exist apart from CAT, further course of study/ employment that would suit their preference and convenience.

Apart from CAT, exams like MAT, MICAT, SNAP, CMAT and TISSNET are much on their way which is accepted by some of the best institutes offering MBA/PGDM, next to the IIMs and other colleges of repute.  As most of the examinations would be based on the same subjects as the Common Admission Test, a candidate has every opportunity to revise on whatever he studied earlier and give his best shot this time.

While it is always a good idea to give lot other MBA entrance exams, apart from the Common Admission Test, the path beyond the exams is what is seen to be on a slightly more competitive level and higher in terms of difficulty levels. While a candidate should for all purposes, put his best in preparation for the Common Admission Test and look forward to doing well in the examination, he should also anticipate and prepare himself for what lies ahead.


Getting a score might seem easy against what takes you to get a favorable convert from being an MBA student to becoming an IIM student. More specifically, when you get through the exam well, you would have to face the cream of the competition in the form of Group Discussion, Written Ability Test and Personal Interview of the various institutes that you would be applying to.

Have someone to help you

It could be anyone with a previous experience of having given the MBA entrance exam, a candidate who has got admitted into best of the MBA courses. Make the most of your association with them and in the course of your conversation with that person, learn how to go about handling questions and keeping yourself motivated.


Keep calm

A little nervousness on the inside of everyone before having such rounds at the time of CAT selection is quite common. However, take enough care to not reflect that on your face. Have a lot of confidence in yourself and give straight to the point answers.

More than justifying why they need you justify and focus on explaining what an MBA degree means to you and your skill sets. Your responses given in the right context and right sense would help them measure your confidence, personality and academic knowledge.

A lot of people might tell you to appear or behave in a certain kind of way, but do not adopt any kind of behavior or a way of responding

which does not seem comfortable to you at all. Exhibit your originality in all pride and with the right measure of confidence.

Group Discussion

You might either be given a case based Group Discussion or a Topic based Group Discussion, so prepare yourself accordingly for it. Now in a group discussion scenario, where everyone is desperate to get themselves to be heard, have very specific points that convey your stand on the topic clearly and make it in assertive manner. Arguments or trying to shout out in the course of the Group Discussion would not be good idea.

If you do not seem comfortable in a group discussion scenario, join a workshop or training session on the same, to ensure you increase your comfort level in that kind of a situation.

In the event you make it to the neither of the exams and the further stages of Common Admission Test Examination, do not stop on your tracks. Look for good MBA institutes, alternative courses or modes of employment. In a typical competitive scenario, if one candidate does make it, there has to be that one candidate who could not. Take into account all the parameters affecting your final outcome in order to engage in an informed decision-making procedure.

All the best for all the choices that you make!


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