MBA in Agribusiness Management !!

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What is Agribusiness?

Agribusiness encompasses all activities from the 'paddock to the consumer', that are relevant to the eventual production, transformation / value adding, distribution and retailing of food, fiber and associated products. It is a business that earns most or all of its revenues from agriculture. An agribusiness tends to be a large-scale business operation and may dabble in farming, processing and manufacturing and/or the packaging and distribution of products.

The importance of Agribusiness education

In India, about 20 to 30 per cent crop is wasted each year due to spoilage, floods, pests, diseases, improper handling, and lack of awareness about post harvest technologies. In a developing country like India, the agri-business sector has emerged as a field of prime importance. Organizations in all sectors i.e. public, private, and cooperative, are looking to hire competent and well trained professionals and agribusiness managers. The field opens up several avenues for those who hold a degree in Agribusiness management. A career in Agribusiness can open doors to a plethora of industries such as farming, real-estate, retail marketing, and food processing and food production. From livestock, farming to human nutrition, food production, Agribusiness covers a significant number of careers globally.

Job Opportunities

India, being an agricultural economy, has a lot of job opportunities for graduates and post-graduates in the field of agriculture. After pursuing an MBA in Agribusiness Management, you can apply for management-level jobs in this field where you will be responsible for planning and making critical decisions.

Jobs after MBA in Agribusiness Management are available in government as well as private sectors. You can apply for positions such as Agribusiness Office Assistant, Agribusiness Marketing Coordinator, Farm Manager, Farm Auditor, Agribusiness Food Manager, Agricultural Analyst, Market Analyst, Crop Producer, Quality Controller, etc.

After completing MBA in Agribusiness, one can pursue their career in Government sector/PSU/NGO/MNC’s/Private organizations. Different kinds of career opportunities are available for these post graduates which concentrate on development of agriculture. Some of them are as below: 


FACT (Fertilizer And Chemicals Travancore Limited)





State Agricultural Marketing Boards



Bayer Crop Science


And many more.. 


Agribusiness Management Job Profiles

There are certain job profiles that one can opt for after pursuing an MBA in agribusiness management. The profiles are listed below along with the average salary for each of the profiles:

Agriculture Policy Analyst: A person who chooses to work as an Agriculture Policy Analyst is responsible for the development and analysis of policies which affect the business of agriculture.

Financer: Someone who chooses to work as a Financer after pursuing MBA in agribusiness management will have to provide financial assistance to agri-businesses in this kind of profile.

Farm Appraiser: A person who is working as a farm appraiser has to assess the value of a farm, its facilities and employees as a part of the job. They play an important role when a farm is sold, insured, developed or mortgaged.

Quality Controller: The role of a quality controller is to work for the overall improvement of the quality and output of a farm's production.

Bio-Compost Sales Head: The job of Bio-Compost Sales Head entails creating awareness among the local customers and facilitating sales and promotional activities.

Apart from these job profiles, one can also find employment as the marketing head, relationship manager, operation manager and market analyst in various companies.


Long term Career roadmap for MBA in Agribusiness

MBA graduates in Agribusiness can find a long term career in various agro based companies. As agriculture has got a significant place in the economy of every country, finding a long term career in the field of Agribusiness Management is not that difficult. Most of the companies recruit fresh management graduates as trainees and promoted to senior positions after getting much experience.

In a developing nation like India, where agriculture holds a lot of importance, the agri-business field has come up as one of the pivotal sectors which looks at hiring well-trained and skilled agribusiness managers. This field has a vast scope for those who pursue an MBA in Agribusiness management as an MBA in this field can open an array of opportunities in various fields as explained above.




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