Employability skills Gained by MBA Degree:

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MBA is the numero uno professional degree program that gives the ability for a student to cultivate and mold their career in the best way possible. MBA aspirants keenly join MBA courses to understand real tactics of business and it also offers practical know-how of real-world business problems. A person with MBA degree can be considered to be having jack of all trades. In business s/he might be working in particular area in business but it will be important that s/he has good understanding about the other domains. One should need to recognize and articulate the interconnectedness of his/her broad range of unique skills and experiences.

Top business schools don’t merely want straight-A students; they are looking for special people. Connect the dots of your life and create a consistent, well-rounded portrait of yourself that resonates with the requirement of an organization.

With this blog, I am going to talk about the skills/practical knowledge that a student will gain during his or her MBA routine which will increase their employability and in turn, help them get the best career opportunities.

10 Employability Skills Gained by MBAs are:

> Analysis

> Academic Acheivement

> Commitment

> Practicality

> Capacity for Hard Work

> Communication Skills

> Maturity

> Intellectual Creativity

> Decisiveness

> Group Skills

How the skills requirement has trended

Let’s see how the assessment of attributes has changed or remained the same. According to the GMAC Corporate Recruitment Survey, proven ability to perform was rated the most important trait by a vast majority of companies, followed by strong oral communication skills, and strong technical and quantitative skills. The other top attributes were history of increased job responsibility, strong writing skills, industry where candidate had prior work experience, strong academic success, and occupation in prior work experience, years of work experience, and relevant language skills. Global experience, professional certifications and licenses, and social media presence were among the attributes at the bottom of the list.

Candidates should not just have education and academic achievement but also an ability to correlate their newly acquired knowledge or skill with prior work experience.

List of important skills valued by MBA recruiters:

Priority Consulting Finance/Accounting Technology Manufacturing Products/Services
 1. Fit with Company Culture  Fit with Company Culture  Ability to make a impact Ability to make a impact Fit with Company Culture 
 2. Ability to Work in and build strong teams Ability to Work in and build strong teams Fit with Company Culture  Leadership Potential  Leadership Potential
 3. Ability to make a impact Ability to make a impact Ability to Work in and build strong teams Fit with Company Culture Ability to make an impact
 4. Adaptability Leadership potential Leadership potential Ability to Work in and build strong teams Ability to Work in and build strong teams
 5. Strong Business Ethics Adaptability Ability to use data to tell a story Ability to use data to tell a story  Adaptability

Source: GMAC 2016 Corporate Recruiters Survey

To Conclude

An MBA definitely does a lot more than just increase your job eligibility. It makes you the best pick of the employer for any kind of situations. It gives you the way to survive and thrive in the Indian Corporate Sector and to be 'Mediocre But Arrogant'(MBA). So, you should definitely do an MBA, and it should be from a reputed and nationally or internationally accredited institution.



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